[Dshield] Code Red: And the winner is...

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Wed Aug 29 17:11:30 GMT 2001

True, true...  But I'm afraid that we are talking about two different birds 

If a larger ISP (such as XO/Concentric aims to be) cannot afford $3k (which 
is a drop in the bucket to prevent the wasted bandwidth), what's next??

The purchase serves two goals:
1) Scans their B ranges and "hopefully" assists them in alerting customers 
of a very serious vulnerability
2) Supports eEye on some monetary level (or any security advisory co for 
that matter)

I'd easily drop $3-5k on something that could potentially save untold 
amounts of unnecessary network traffic, and potentially saves vulnerable 
clients from being hacked...  What's the real time ROI on something like 
that??  Probably less than 1 infected server, less than 1 millisecond.

At 11:34 PM 8/28/2001 -0500, you wrote:
> > Me: "Yes.  Why don't you guys go buy the eEye Code Red class B scanner?"
>Here's why: eEye wants $2000 for it even at an educational institution.
>Originally priced at $3000, we got quoted $2000 for it.  It's a 125k program
>that scans for something that hopefully won't be a continuing problem, and
>actually by this point in time we've got our network nailed down pretty


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