[Dshield] RE: Dshield digest, Vol 1 #228 - 10 msgs

security@admin.fulgan.com security at admin.fulgan.com
Thu Aug 30 07:56:25 GMT 2001

JT> The other day we ran MS's HFNETCHK (or whatever the cryptic name they gave
JT> it is) and installed a bunch of patches it said we needed (I say that
JT> tritely, but we did go over the patch info to see if it was really
JT> necessary).  The machine is a win2k advanced server running, among other
JT> things, our mail and web services.  After installing the patches (and I
JT> unfortunately don't remember which ones we installed) the machine wouldn't
JT> boot, and we had to reinstall everything.  Anyway, I guess this isn't a
JT> widespread problem or I would have heard of someone else having it, but
JT> there's my (admittedly very un-specific) word of warning nonetheless.

Thanks, but without any information about what service pack you're
running, what was the problem that prevented it from booting and what
patches where installed, there is nothing anyone can do wth your

Good luck,

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