[Dshield] Code Red: And the winner is...

Mr Fixit MrFixit at hell.com
Thu Aug 30 11:29:39 GMT 2001

 > > Me: "Yes.  Why don't you guys go buy the eEye Code Red
 > class B scanner?"
 > Here's why: eEye wants $2000 for it even at an educational
 > institution.

And thereby, you just need to use the proper [ordering of] key strokes 
to make the 2.0 [c-class] version scan a b-class...

As a keyboard freak, I found that:
- fill in the Start IP with the b-class you'd like to scan
- for the third possition of the ip address, take 255 [example:]
- use the arrow keys to go back and delete the two 5's [example:]
- don't TAB, don't mouse, just hit enter...

Voilla, to will be scanned...

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