[Dshield] I'm an attacker... Or am I?

Peter Street lazerfx at ntlworld.com
Thu Aug 30 20:58:01 GMT 2001

I've been submitting reports to DShield now for a while, and I hope they
have been of use.  I use a Cable Modem, in the UK, provided by NTL.  I am
firewalled by ZoneAlarm Pro, and use Win98 and (soon) NT 4.0.  I will be
purchasing a new computer soon, which I will put 98, NT4 and some variant of
Linux.  Anyway.

I went to http://www1.dshield.org/warning_explanation.php (As linked from
the DShield home page) to see if I was recorded in the logs as being an
attacker.  It reported:

Your IP ( appears as an attacker 14061 times in the DShield

Problem: The IP address reported by WinIPCfg (Under Win98) reports my IP
address as, not 128.5.  What I was wondering was:

Does NTL use some kind of proxy?
Does this affect my web surfing in any way?
Will I be able to get accurate reporting on this IP?
Is this potentially a privacy flaw if all my data is flowing through a
proxy - SSH & secured data, for example.

Thanks for all the help, and thanks for producing a mailing list/website
that finally is getting something done :)

Peter Street
Freelance Web Developer - Soon to be Web Developer running own business :)

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