[Dshield] Portsentry Client

Kenneth McKinlay kmckinlay at home.com
Wed Jul 4 01:53:59 GMT 2001


In the download I just tried from the site there were several 

1. line wrap turned into a CR near line 26 (inline comment)
2. line wrap turned into a CR near line 44 ( = stat was wrapped)
3. line wrap turned into a CR, a missing quote and "$" near line 93, 
it should be:
	print TMP "$year-...

Hopefully Johannes can fix up the script on the site.

Alternately, it someone can send me a copy of a portsentry log file 
with a brief description of the format, I can write the parser that 
Johannes can include in his Perl framework.

Ken McKinlay

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> Just wondering if anyone has gotten this script to work?  I am getting
> a bunch of errors when I run it:
> Backslash found where operator expected at ./portsentry.pl line 95,
> near "$day\" (Missing operator before \?) Syntax error at
> ./portsentry.pl line 95, near "$day\"
> I am getting more errors also, but I didn't want to post them here. 
> Most of the errors are like the one above or a Bareword error.  I
> noticed the client text was cropped when I visited the link for it,
> and I fixed the lines manually.
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