SV: [Dshield] Client

Claus Pedersen haddock at
Wed Jul 4 10:35:42 GMT 2001

If you log your events to a MySQL database, I have a prototype tool for it.
I'm a little behind on testing it though, absolutely NOTHING happens on my
own box at the moment. Either Tiny Firewall is exceptionally good, or I
messed up something when I installed Winroute.
Drop me a line if you're interested.


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vegne af Rich Phelps
Sendt: 3. juli 2001 21:43
Til: dshield at
Emne: [Dshield] Client


Im running snort on a windows 2000 box and was wondering if anyone has a
client to submit log files to dshield. Thanks in advance!

Rich Phelps

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