[Dshield] Port :67-68

Stephan Odak Stephan.Odak at fpawww.com
Wed Jul 25 19:16:40 GMT 2001

Ports 67 and 68 are Microsoft DHCP. A machine is advertising for DHCP
servers to acknowledge.

Stephan Odak

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From: 	Paul Marsh [mailto:pmarsh at nmefdn.org] 
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Subject:	[Dshield] Port :6666 question

I read Ryan J Betz idea on blocking out bound :6666-:6668 traffic to see
what would be captured by my firewall.  Well hopefully someone can tell me
what this traffic means.

Source  Destination

I'm taking a guess that this is something broadcasting out for any response.
I'd like to hunt this thing down, con some one point me in the right

Thanx, Paul

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