[Dshield] Code Red Reinfection After Patch Installed

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Mon Jul 23 09:24:17 GMT 2001

EEyes has a code red vulnerability scanning tool that you can 7use to
check wether your server really is patched.

Get is  there:

Good luck,

Saturday, July 21, 2001, 8:04:05 PM, you wrote:

CFR>   I am Freeland Chew, MIS head at ECPI Technical College in Roanoke
CFR> Virginia. 

CFR>   I run a Windows 2000 Exchange server that was compromised by Code Red
CFR> early on the 20th; I assumed because I neglected to reinstall the patch
CFR> after I had installed Service Pack 2.

CFR>   After the compromise was discovered I took the machine of the network,
CFR> rebooted it and reinstalled all patches including the buffer overflow that
CFR> Code Red uses.

CFR>   At least 8 hours later, my log files tell me that the machine has been
CFR> reinfected. 

CFR>   I have double checked and I am sure I installed the correct patch both
CFR> times.  I am a contributer to the www.dshield.org so I pay attention to
CFR> these things and I am quite convinced this reinfection is not an IO (Idiot
CFR> Operator) error.

CFR>   Has anyone else reported anything that suggests the the patch might not be
CFR> fully effective? 

CFR>   Freeland Chew 

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