[Dshield] Administrativa.

Johannes B. Ullrich jullrich at euclidian.com
Sat Jul 28 04:36:45 GMT 2001

  Thanks for the feedback! And some have already been moderated ;-)
So far I restricted it to the 'I Agree' type postings.

  I think what I will do is the following: So far, whenever I saw a
post come in, I aproved it immidiatly. In the future, if it turns
out that a given discussion is very busy, I may decide to aprove
them in 'batches' and drop some that bascially repeat other, earlier
posts. I will try not to reject any opposing opinions. Its just
about cutting down on redundancy. And as you don't know what other
posts are in the pipeline, it is impossible for the submitter to
know that something similar has been posted. So please don't stop
to send in your posts!

  In some instances, I may summarize muliple posts. But I have to
see if this is feasible first.

  Please send me an e-mail directly if you believe a post was
rejected unfairly. Posts will be aproved if you insist.

  BTW: I will be at SANSFIRE in DC next week if anybody on the
list here happens to be there and wants to meet.

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