[Dshield] Re: unknown file ext ".wbz"

Eric Rosander erosander at matrixns.com
Mon Jul 30 16:24:19 GMT 2001

Are/Were you running any sort of 'skin' program?  I think .wbz is a
compressed "Window Blinds" file.


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when i booted up today 2 files were on the desktop. both had a
extention. properties were 'photo' but nothing would open the program. my
guess is a remote snapshot spy prog. i ran adaware (i know...) all it
returned was comet cursor (removed) . i went to a site with every known file
extension found at:


but this .wbz was not listed.
any clues ???? i deleted the 2 files but kept my notes. could not determine
the origin of either.

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