[Dshield] nas-metering and local

Marty Keane mkeane89 at pacbell.net
Tue Jul 31 20:58:40 GMT 2001

Hello list,

I've just received some strange inbound traffic to local host,
on my Linksys dsl router.

2001/07/31 13:34:54.01 I dns1.mtry01.pacbell.net( 53 2286 (nas-metering)
2001/07/31 13:34:54.12 I dns1.mtry01.pacbell.net( 53 2297
2001/07/31 13:34:55.00 I dns1.mtry01.pacbell.net( 53 2286 (nas-metering)
2001/07/31 13:35:03.13 I dns1.mtry01.pacbell.net( 53 2297

Port 2286 appears to be identified with nas-metering as it is found in
many port listings. Beyond
port listings though I haven't found out much. My concern is that it's
local address Is this
something I should be concerned with?

I'm still new to routers and firewalls so this may not be the
appropriate forum for my question. If this
would be better addressed elsewhere (like miscellaneous inbound firewall
logs discussion) please let me



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