[Dshield] Database Integrity?

k.lichtenwalder@computer.org k.lichtenwalder at computer.org
Sun Mar 11 09:31:26 GMT 2001

I'd say Johannes is right to say dshield should not do any filtering. It
is ludicrous (IMHO) that a federal agency starts doing anything based on
a report without themselves checking on what grounds to start an
investigation or even having a look on it.


Dan Crooks wrote:
> Luckily I keep all my submission reports to DShield.  I reviewed the dates
> in question and discovered that on those dates I had run port scans on my
> machine
> using nmap to look for weaknesses in my own system.  The log I submitted to
> DShield shows the same IP as attacker and attackee!!
> If government agencies are going to use DShield reports to track attackers
> there has got to be some way to prevent this kind of mistake.  Had this
> agency
> decided to seize my equipment based on the information they received from
> DShield it would have smeared the whole DShield project.  Error checking
> must
> be accomplished on reports submitted to DShield BEFORE being written to the
> database, otherwise the database is useless.

> If DShield receives reports that contain the same IP for both inbound and
> outbound it should NOT add them to the database?

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