[Dshield] Bug in logfile archive?

Jens Lang info at jens-lang.de
Mon Mar 12 19:06:54 GMT 2001

Hi to all,

I did already try to contact dshield´s webmaster, but he/she won´t reply.
So I am gonna ask you.

I think I encountered a bug in the logfile archive. Maybe it´s just for
me - dunno. When I am watching the last 50 lines, the interface will show
up with the FIRST 50 lines submitted (or at least, it looks like as if
it´s the first 50 lines, coz it goes up to March 2nd or so. Still, my
machine has sent newer reports. So I think this script is being screwed

What do you think? Do you have this problem, too?

Jens, Waiblingen, Germany

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