[Dshield] Music sharing programs

mike harrison meuon at highertech.net
Fri Nov 9 13:30:47 GMT 2001

> only in the office once or twice a week.  Does anybody have any experience
> with these types of programs on the network.  Our company policy was pretty
> relaxed in this area, but since this occurred, I am in the process of

Morpheus can be a real nasty 'ip/port' scanner looking for port 1214.
We have clocked morpheus users at > 2000 ip's probed per second, although
typically they do a burst of 200ip's and then slow down. Morpheus
servers (your laptop) can reportedly be faked to share your whole hard
drive making it an interesting security hole, and although we are not
sure if it is concidence (same kind of users) but we have seen many
Morpheus users infected with backdoor software and trojans. 

Policy Suggestion: any 'corporate business' type network should not allow
file sharing software of ANY kind inside their network. --Mike--

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