[Dshield] Unusual snort traffic

John Sage jsage at finchhaven.com
Mon Nov 12 02:32:56 GMT 2001


It was total luck...

Actually there have been a few time when I've tried IP addresses 
adjacent to a suspect IP that, as in this case, responds with a 
"connection refused".

In this case I was intrigued by the fact that he (Eric Lindvall) had 
only - assiged to him, so when you take out 
the network and broadcast IP's he's got - what? - 14 to work with?

It wouldn't have taken long to plug each of 'em into a web browser 
one-by-one and see what popped up; I went downward first and *bingo*

If you contact netscan.org it'd be interesting to hear what they have to 

- John

Chan, Stephen (TIS, Singapore) wrote:

> Holy Netscans Batman! That is a mighty fine piece of investigative legwork.
> *Hats off*
> Thanks for the detailed followup John :-) I did conduct my own digging
> around, but got nowhere as detailed as you got.
> I doubt if my network is a 'smurf amplifier' but might be a good idea to run
> the netscan on myself...
> Thanks again
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> Stephen:
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