[Dshield] buffer overflow?

Johannes B. Ullrich jullrich at euclidian.com
Thu Nov 15 14:52:40 GMT 2001

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> Found these in my logs (copy/paste from vi).  Looks like a buffer overflow
> to get a shell attempt.  They are in repetitive groups and on each of my
> servers on one of my networks.  Anyone know this one in particcular and if I
> should be concerned?  What I don't know is what is SERVER here.
> Nov 14 20:43:31 hostname SERVER[4302]: Dispatch_input: bad request line
> 'BBì¿í¿î¿ï¿XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX%.172u%300$n%.17u%301$n%.253u%302$n%.192u%303$n

Yes. This is a classic buffer overflow. Any idea which port it is coming 
in on? the label 'SERVER' depends on your local setup.

> I also run a bunch of homebuilt fake logging daemons on many trojan ports
> and found on this same network a lot of activity on port 27374 starting a
> couple days ago.

Did you capture any commands starting with 'UFU'? If so, please forward 
the URL is sends off list. I also got a little perl honeypot to capture 
just these sub7 probes in case yours doesn't do the initial dialog.

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