[Dshield] DShield Update

PeterStreet peter.street at lazerfx.co.uk
Tue Nov 20 21:38:57 GMT 2001

When are you going to implement the proxy checking code in the 'Are You
Cracked' area?  I seem to recall some discussion on it about 2 months
ago (I don't keep my old e-mails, unfortunately).

Anyway, it's reporting my IP as, but in reality it is
62.254.145.xx - (Obfuscated 2 numbers)

I believe that is the proxy, and I know someone wrote a
page that detailed this, however I cannot for the life of me recall who
it was... It was with you saying you'd moved the server around I decided
to have a poke, and I realised this was still awry :)

Great site - Hope we caught someone :)

Peter Street
Web Developer / Manager
LazerFX Productions
www.lazerfx.co.uk (Under Construction)

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  Over the last couple days, we moved the entire DShield.org site
to a brand new server. This was intended to be a slow and controlled
process, but we discovered some warning signs in one disk on the 
old machine that caused us to accelerate this process. Sorry for some of

the glitches you may have seen. Please let me know of any remaining 
issues. As a result, the IP address for the DShield site changed. DNS 
should be on a short leash and you should see the new IP address by now 
(12.* instead of 66.*). 

  Thanks everyone!

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