[Dshield] DShield.py 0.5

Eelco Lempsink eelco at 33lc0.net
Thu Nov 22 22:51:19 GMT 2001


I just released DShield.py 0.5. In case you're wondering what
happened to 0.4: I never released it :) (But you can find it in the

The project/script is maturing more and more, and a few functions
were added:
- optional IP obfuscation
- now can handle a config file and command line options (so you
  won't need to edit the script every time it's updated)

I also included a README file with instructions on how to set up the
script as a cronjob.

You can wget/download the package from:

(A little) more information about this project is at:

Oh, yeah, I could use a few bugreports (because nobody has submitted
one yet, and I don't believe the script works 'out of the box' on
every system :) so don't hesitate to send me one.

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