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Johannes B. Ullrich jullrich at euclidian.com
Thu Nov 22 23:25:56 GMT 2001

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I don't think I did see this signature 'in the wild', but I think I 
remember some talk about a 'Code Green' with a similar signature 
(including the web site pointers and dedication) a few months back. The 
intent of 'code green' was to use the MSFT IIS index server vulnerability 
to remotly patch the effected server, without necessarily asking the owner 
of the server for permission. There was some talk about the legal and 
moral aspects of doing this.

Overall, the basic rule is like for any other 'hack' like that: They are 
anoying but harmless if you are patched. If you are not patched, you 
probably won't see the signature to begin with...

On Thu, 22 Nov 2001, Gsw wrote:

> My servers receive this:
> GET 
> /default.ida?Code_Green_<I_like_the_colour-_-><AntiCodeRed-CodeRedIII-IDQ_Patcher>_V1.0_beta_written_by_'Der_HexXer'-Wuerzburg_Germany-_is_dedicated_to_my_sisterli_'Doro'.Save_Whale_and_visit_<www.buhaboard.de>_and_<www.buha-security.de>%u9090%u6858%ucbd3%u7801%u9090%u6858%ucbd3%u7801%u9090%u6858%ucbd3%u7801%u9090%u9090%u8190%u00c3%u0003%u8b00%u531b%u53ff%u0078%u0000%u00=a 
> HTTP/1.0
> Content-type: text/xml
> Accept: */*
> Content-length: 5544
> From:
> Another code red/blu/green/rainbow.....
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