[Dshield] Internal LAN protection

Stephen L Fowler slfowler at visto.com
Sun Nov 25 01:27:23 GMT 2001

Even better, got an old 486 or pentium in the corner and you don't know what to do with it?  Pop in a couple of ethernet cards and go to http://www.smoothwall.org/gpl  Far better product and for price far cheaper.


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> There are commercial all-in-one boxes that will do the trick too, and
> they are a lot cheaper than PC.  I myself use a 4 port box from
> ZyXEL.

I don't know about the ZyXEL devices. But please do not mix up a $100 
linksys router / switch with a serious firewall.

Most (not just cheap) switches are vulnerable to ARP spoofing. Whoever 
claims that such a switch is more secure than a hub hasn't spent enough 
time playing with toys like hunt or ettercap.

Also, switches do not limit communications between the ports. You need a 
switch that looks at least at the IP layer to do much good.

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