[Dshield] IIS hacked - help????

Gasper, Rick rjgasper at kings.edu
Mon Nov 26 14:33:34 GMT 2001

You need to search Microsoft's TechNet for COM1.

There is a way to remove those tagged files by using POSIX (rm and
rmdir) commands. These are included in the resource kit. I don't have
web access to look up the article now, but you can remove those files.

Let me know if you need the files,

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Major screwup on my part - any help out there?

Purposely opened my FTP to anon for an hour to get a round a security
problem I was having with IIS access, but was hacked fast

1. "Tagged.com2" directory, files with reserved file names - RM.exe per
microsoft KB is ineffective, since the com2 directory keeps coming up
invalid. Can't clear it thru DOS or Windows UI. 2. I get "error 5,
access denied" when trying to stop IIS admin, ftp or WWW service. I also
get access denied trying to access the msftpsvc1 dir on

I've seen good answers to similar hacks here before, anyone know what
they've changed on me on how I get control of IIS back?


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