[Dshield] Spoofing Source Address Verification XP

Sean Graham seangra at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 27 08:17:46 GMT 2001

Interesting because I just installed a few Windows 98 SE systems and they 
indeed had all file sharing and printer sharing disabled by default.

And what "XP's default security weaknesses" are you referring to?

I have no problem with anyone having an opinion as long as they can back it 
up. :)

-- Sean

At 08:44 PM 11/26/2001 -0600, you wrote:
>How is this any different than a default install of Windows 95 or 98
>that has client for Microsoft Networks and File and Printer Sharing
>enabled on the internet?  XP's default security weaknesses are nothing
>new from Microsoft.  I don't think XP deserves to be singled out for
>"inherent security weaknesses" because of the raw sockets support.
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> > Might I interject and say that the problem is that Windows
> > XP, an end-user-marketed product, in the hands of
> > inexperienced end-users, will provide hackers, internet
> > terrorists, and script kiddies many more (AND
> > easier) opportunities to wreak havok onto the internet. In
> > fact it will provide them a much greater abundance of
> > unsecured access like nothing we've seen before. Do we simply
> > "hope" that the default installation of the end-user XP will
> > be secure enough, with it's integrated firewall, to keep
> > hackers out in the first place? Based on M$'s track record, I
> > predict this "hope" to be short-lived.
> >
> > Marc
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