[Dshield] Spoofing Source Address Verification XP

Tony Maro tonym at nlisc.com
Tue Nov 27 14:19:39 GMT 2001

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> From: Quibell, Marc [mailto:mquibell at icn.state.ia.us] 
> Might I interject and say that the problem is that Windows 
> XP, an end-user-marketed product, in the hands of 
> inexperienced end-users, will provide hackers, internet 
> terrorists, and script kiddies many more (AND
> easier) opportunities to wreak havok onto the internet.

Wow, I bet you're also in favor of gun control and doing away with private
ownership of vehicles, both because they kill people.

> fact it will provide them a much greater abundance of 
> unsecured access like nothing we've seen before.

It's called progress...

> Do we simply 
> "hope" that the default installation of the end-user XP will 
> be secure enough, with it's integrated firewall, to keep 
> hackers out in the first place? Based on M$'s track record, I 
> predict this "hope" to be short-lived. 

The default installation of my Linux server wasn't "secure enough", what
makes you think that any other OS product will be?

Would you buy a new door for your house and not bother to install a lock to
keep out the bad guys?  Probably not.  You know why?  Because you HAVE BEEN
EDUCATED in the fact that you NEED A LOCK on your door, and that you MUST
USE IT.  Take one of these country bumpkins (no offense) that I grew up with
down here in the south and throw them in the big city and guess what... It's
likely they'll forget to lock their car or their house because they never
had to before.  It takes their first break-in (or neighbor's break-in)
before they think to lock the door.

The only thing that will improve security is not "OS Control" a.k.a. "gun
control" but education.  And for those who don't have the knack for
computers, that's what techs for hire like me are for.  ;-)


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