[Dshield] Locking down NT4 Server

George Lemos gplemos at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 1 13:58:42 GMT 2001

I have an NT4 sp6a SRP server on the public side of my
network. Its strictly a machine that uses back up exec
software to back up my web server which is also on the
outside. It has no IIS, its just used for backups.

I'm looking to lock it down so that it does not accept
traffic on any ports except the ports it needs in
order to back up the other machines on the public

For those of you that might have done this
successfully in the past, any pitfalls or details to
look out for? I'm looking in the manual and it lists
the ports that it uses so I may just jump right into
it from there.

Any suggestions on port filtering like what I'm
mentioning would be greatly appreciated.



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