[Dshield] mass mailing worm

Mark Woodson mwoodson at bacxs.com
Tue Oct 2 06:35:12 GMT 2001

At 10:05 AM 10/1/2001 -0400, you wrote:

>While knocking on wood, I'll say that I have not been infected by any of 
>these email viruses.  If you DO get infected, does the 'Automatically send 
>messages' option have an effect on any of these email worms?  If you have 
>the option turned off, I would expect to see either a huge number of 
>emails, or a single email to a large number of people,  that I did not 
>compose sitting in my outbox.   This is assuming that they've not got a 
>'send/receive email' action programmed into the script.

I might point out that some of the worms do not send the mail through your 
mailer, but rather use their own built in SMTP program.


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