[Dshield] (no subject)

Web Connection pobox2 at pinn.net
Mon Oct 1 18:53:46 GMT 2001

"I would suggest you get Tiny's Personal Firewall and set it up to filter 
whatever precise URL's you find annoying or whatever."

Only problem being that hackers spoof ip addresses.
Second problem being that an existing trojan yet undiscovered within your 
system trys to send out router solicits to open up holes.

No block 'em in chunks. We only do business stateside also. Unfortunately 
for instance we know already the location of one hack setup that emails or 
trys to download to us, it is on someone elses server. they are probably 
innocent. Located in Kansas. Of course possiblity exists their webmaster is 
also a hacker.

Most important I've found is keepin a very close eye on tcp/udp connects to 
your machine that you have not initiated.


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