[Dshield] Lots 'n' Lots of attacks...

Jeff Miller jrm.wa at verizon.net
Tue Oct 2 15:59:19 GMT 2001

hmmmm, anybody checking out some nudie sites lately???

ipw: Connecting to server: whois.arin.net:43
ipw: Query: net
ipw: Connecting to server: whois.arin.net:43
   200 Oceangate 8th Floor
   Long Beach, CA 90807

   Netblock: -

      Guthrie, Patrick  (PG420-ARIN)  STANBRUNT at HOTMAIL.COM

   Record last updated on 10-Feb-2001.
   Database last updated on 1-Oct-2001 23:19:21 EDT.

The ARIN Registration Services Host contains ONLY Internet
Network Information: Networks, ASN's, and related POC's.
Please use the whois server at rs.internic.net for DOMAIN related
Information and whois.nic.mil for NIPRNET Information.

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I have been recently going through my ZoneAlarm logs, trying to work out why
it is suddenly 400KB+.  I have found thousands of entries from  I have done a whois on this server, but found no relevant
information (Though I could be wrong, I'm not 100% sure what relevent
information would look like :P).

What should I do know?  I have submitted to DShield, has that covered it?
Or is there something I can do myself?  Is there a way of finding out who actually is?


Peter Street
Web Developer
LazerFX Productions
www.lazerfx.co.uk (Just working on the XML and XSLT, then it will be live)

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