[Dshield] dshield_snort.pl

Eric Rosander erosander at matrixns.com
Thu Oct 11 17:37:48 GMT 2001

You have an older script, something changed in the Snort 1.8 format that
started producing the blank reports.  I have a modified script I got
from Mr. Ullrich a while back.  Email me and I can send it to you as an
attachment if you like, or we can petition Mr. Ullrich to post it to the
dshield site in all his spare time.... ;)

Managing Consultant, Network Security
Matrix Network Solutions
erosander at matrixns.com

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I'm new to Dshield. I've downloaded the dshield_snort.pl script and
customised the script with my email addresses, server etc. In order to
test the script is working I set the "To" address to my own email
address. I fire off the script as follows:
./dsheild_snort.pl /var/log/snort/alert
I wait a few seconds, the script completes and I get a new email in my
mailbox. However, the body of the email is blank. Does anyone have
experience of using this script and if so can they help me. I am afraid
that PERL may as well be Greek to me!

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