[Dshield] Strange stuff?

Ken McKinlay ken.mckinlay at dy4.com
Fri Oct 12 14:06:09 GMT 2001

Contrary to what Stephane has stated, it is not a "nice" thing to mail-bomb
any e-mail address. It only annoys the spammer but it can cripple an ISP and
disrupt all their clients. You would have just become worse than a spammer.

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> JBU> What you are seeing is a spammer probing your PC if 
> formmail is installed.
> JBU> Basically, the goal is to send an email to 
> 'tester at aol.com'. The subject
> JBU> line will tell 'tester' your IP address. If 'tester' 
> recieves the email, a
> JBU> big load of spam is sure to follow using the same hole.
> Meaning that you probably should contact AOL and get them to nail that
> spammer wannaby before he does any more harm.
> Another "nice" thing to do would be to mail-bomb him with illicites IP
> addresse (take your pick in the various private IP range, reserved IPs
> and add some AOL mail servers for good measures) in order to pollute
> it's data.
> Good luck,
> stephane
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