[Dshield] Strange stuff?

Sean Graham seangra at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 12 19:10:06 GMT 2001

I think that Stephane was meaning was to just submit many "false positives" 
to his probe thus polluting his illicit search for bad hosts.  By polluting 
his logs with servers that will get annoyed at his attempts to flood spam 
through them he will get in trouble while the ISPs themselves won't really 
suffer anything (except maybe temporary email slowdown, but the email 
servers will reject the redirection requests)

-- Sean

At 10:06 AM 10/12/2001 -0400, you wrote:
>Contrary to what Stephane has stated, it is not a "nice" thing to mail-bomb
>any e-mail address. It only annoys the spammer but it can cripple an ISP and
>disrupt all their clients. You would have just become worse than a spammer.
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> >
> > JBU> What you are seeing is a spammer probing your PC if
> > formmail is installed.
> > JBU> Basically, the goal is to send an email to
> > 'tester at aol.com'. The subject
> > JBU> line will tell 'tester' your IP address. If 'tester'
> > recieves the email, a
> > JBU> big load of spam is sure to follow using the same hole.
> >
> > Meaning that you probably should contact AOL and get them to nail that
> > spammer wannaby before he does any more harm.
> >
> > Another "nice" thing to do would be to mail-bomb him with illicites IP
> > addresse (take your pick in the various private IP range, reserved IPs
> > and add some AOL mail servers for good measures) in order to pollute
> > it's data.
> >
> > Good luck,
> > stephane
> >
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