[Dshield] Off topic: IIS lockdown tool "did not disableextensions" incident

Mark givethistomark at crosswinds.net
Wed Oct 17 02:04:43 GMT 2001

"Jonathan G. Lampe" wrote:

> If you've ever dealt with Microsoft you know that "emailing PSS" isn't that 
> easy.  You have to lay out some MORE cash before you can ask a 
> question.  All I had was a simple question about a simple little "security" 
> program which doesn't appear to do its job.  My immediate solution was to 
> perform the actions the tools ought to have performed by hand.  I'm not 
> willing to cough up a couple hundred bucks to help Microsoft do some 
> debugging, but I was willing to donate a little of my valuable time to help 
> them locate the problem.

Generally, Microsoft does not charge for support for bugs. You will have
to pay for a support incident to get through to an engineer. If the
problem is found to be a bug then you are entitled to a refund.
 Example: BUG: Word 2000 and Excel 2000 Display ASP Source When Using
MIME Type to Stream Data

"Jonathan G. Lampe" wrote:
> I think its best to finish this discussion offline.

I agree, but thought it's important to clarify MS paid support policy.

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-Mark Guiney
givethistomark at crosswinds.net

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