[Dshield] Top 10 honoree with a fondness for FTP (warez anyone?)

Tom Laermans tom.laermans at powersource.cx
Thu Oct 18 18:31:40 GMT 2001


At 18:40 18/10/2001, you wrote:
>ABayonne-101-1-2-227.abo.wanadoo.fr 03/Oct/2001:02:38:22 Xgpuser at home.com
>ABayonne-101-1-2-227.abo.wanadoo.fr 06/Oct/2001:00:43:25 Ygpuser at home.com

These have been in my logs about 50 times in the last 2 months I think...
First trying to login as anonymous many times... but they (he? she? it?) 
then started trying ftp proxying (anonymous at ftp.microsoft.com for example) ...

T-Dialin users come in regularly too, but not as much as that Wanadoo 



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