[Dshield] ROOT.EXE - perl auto-responder

David McGaughey DMcGaughey at mail.ci.lubbock.tx.us
Fri Oct 19 00:30:21 GMT 2001


Someone may have already posted something like this, and I just missed it.
But, here's a replacement for root.exe that e-mails administrator on the
machine that is scanning for it.  It's written in perl and meant to run from
Unix/Apache.  I put it on my Apache servers to run in response to scans 
which attempt to run the real root.exe.  So, if e-mail works - then an e-mail
is sent asking the Administrator of the scanning machine to please stop.

It's amazing how many machines that are scanning for root.exe don't even
run a HTTP server, but do run SMTP...


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