[Dshield] re: Top 10 honoree with a fondness for FTP + more

security@admin.fulgan.com security at admin.fulgan.com
Mon Oct 22 07:22:10 GMT 2001

WS> i think they look for *anything*.  i've banned them from our webservers
WS> since t-dialin.net & wanadoo.fr used to hit us pretty hard with scans for
WS> cgi/pl/etc; up to every few minutes.  arcor-ip.net is going to be up for
WS> this honor pretty soon too.

Well, I can say that, of all ISP's I had to deal in a past for
security problems, Wanadoo is one of the worse and most difficult to

WS> speaking of which, many of these scans have a browser string of "Caca".  do
WS> you all think this is a particular tool?  i tried to search for it, but
WS> couldn't find anything -- other than a zillion porn sites.  (sigh)

Well, thats' french for "shit". Coming from Wanadoo Script kiddies,
that doesn't surprise me the least...
Good luck,

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