[Dshield] Cheap GPS

John Beierwaltes BeierJ at bww.com
Wed Oct 24 18:04:01 GMT 2001

Hi Johannes..

I'm running the cheepest Garmin "eTrax" gps with MS Streets & Trips..
got it from gpscity.com for $110 plus 12vdc power cord / com cord for
$30.  It does feed time, elevation, location, speed .. and the list goes
on.. into com port..  you only have to deciper the data ..  I've seen it
at Walmart for $120, no cord..  Sam's Club has MS S&T 2002 for $32 - $20
rebate from MS!  just FYI

Keeps me from getting lost on the road..

John B
BeierJ at bigfoot.com

As a side note: Does anyone know of a cheap GPS time sync gadget? I see
hiking GPS systems for less than $200. But it looks like GPS boxes for
time sync still cost $1000 and more... doesn't make sense to me. It
be cheaper to make something that does time sync only (my server usually

doesn't hike very far). Or a radio solution. Even though I would prefer
GPS as the Colorado time sync signal is weak in my area.

I thought about sacrificing my hiking GPS. It has a serial port. But I
would have to wire up some sort of power supply for it.
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