[Dshield] Need help with this pattern

Peter Street peter.street at lazerfx.co.uk
Thu Oct 25 20:47:39 GMT 2001

I agree -- I'm running outlook XP on Windows XP (Which should show any
attachments and such, especially OLE objects, since they are a windows
thing) and I saw that text.

Hope this helps - he might have attempted to do a HTML paste in a text
file, or similar?

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Actually, that was the raw text he sent, like it is below.
(At least, that's what I'm seeing in Eudora/Win32)

>Chan, Stephen (TIS, Singapore) wrote:
>>Hi people, this is an excerpt of a Snort log I have placed outside my
>>It seems to be a bunch of spoofed source IP hitting my IDS host
>>(aa.bb.cc.dd). The actual trace runs over 3 days! with similar
patterns. Has
>>anyone else seen anything like this? Or do you need more information?

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