[Dshield] port 515 surge

Klaus Lichtenwalder k.lichtenwalder at computer.org
Fri Oct 26 07:23:11 GMT 2001

Am Don, 2001-10-25 um 22.00 schrieb Johannes B. Ullrich:
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> > I noticed in myreports.php that port 515 is not given a "danger" icon. 
> > It appears as benign as RealPlayer port 6970. These seem to be quite 
> > "evil" scans.. so shouldn't they at least get a status of "Medium"(A 
> > yellow dot)?
> Thanks for the note. I made it a red dot (high) as it is unlikely that 
> someone is hitting it for legitimate reason.

Well, it's the printer port. As far as I can remember, there are some
exploits against unpatched lpd?

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