[Dshield] Unexpected ARP issue resolved, thank you

Kevin Little kevin.little2 at verizon.net
Fri Oct 26 09:05:11 GMT 2001

Blocking inbound ICMP traffic was not an option available on the SMC
Barricade out of the box, which has a simple web based gui for
administration that lacks the level of detail that can be configured on
'real' routers, but armed with your questions and suggestions, I headed
for the SMC website, and found that updating to the latest R1.93s
firmware does give me the option to 'discard PING from WAN side', which
does seem to be doing the trick.   I'm not seeing any more unexpected
ARP traffic.  Unfortunately, the firmware update also modified the log
format, so I need to re-write my dshield formatting perl script.  Thanks

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