[Dshield] Odd DNS name, slightly OT

John Hardin johnh at aproposretail.com
Fri Oct 26 22:22:47 GMT 2001

David Sentelle wrote:

> However, when I see URLs that don't answer web requests, I usually
> chop off the third level part of the DNS name and replace it with 'WWW',
> which left me browsing to www.registeredsite.com. Oddly enough, this
> resolves to which I am sure is a private IP. I didn't even know
> that DNS servers would resolve DNS names to private IPs.

The only reason private IPs are private is through "proper practice" - 
e.g. they should not be out on the Internet. They're not special in any 
other way.

> Registeredsite.com is owned by Network Solutions. How would they
> benefit from pointing people to a private IP address?

Not in any way.

More likely it's a misconfiguration of the DNS info.

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