[Dshield] UDP packets dropped from DNS server

Uros Vovcak urosv at g-kabel.si
Sun Oct 28 07:23:15 GMT 2001

No you just enable dns servers to connect...from port 53 to your dinamics
ports from 1024 to 65535

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> > Port 53 is the DNS server.
> >
> > In most parts of the world, it's considered moderately rude to ask a
> > question, then ignore the answer - which is what you're doing to that
> > poor DNS server. You're sending queries, then blocking the answers.
> Thank-you, John. To prevent the poor server's developing an
> inferiority complex, shall I just open port 9318 on my firewall?
> Or will I then compromise security? And, assuming that you are
> a busy person, where shall I look to educate myself as to the
> best solution so as to discontinue nagging you for answers?
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