[Dshield] Roadrunner (Long post, apologies)

Peter Street peter.street at lazerfx.co.uk
Mon Oct 29 15:08:52 GMT 2001

Thanks everyone... I'd misread the port readings.  Yes, I've been using
Limewire - it appears this is going to be quite common :P

Thanks for all the responses and the help.

Peter Street
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LazerFX Productions
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> ZALog.txt:FWIN,2001/10/28,20:00:16 +0:00
> GMT,,,TCP (flags:S)

The target port is 6346 for all the lines. This is 'Gnutella', one of
more agressive file sharing programs. You can see these hits for days 
after someone used Gnutella at this IP address.

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