[Dshield] snort_18_syslog.pl

John Sage jsage at finchhaven.com
Mon Oct 29 21:58:41 GMT 2001

Peter, Johannes:

I've just got snort_18_syslog.pl working, pointing at /var/log/messages

snort-1.8.1-RELEASE build 74 is being started with:

snortREL -b -i ppp0 -c /usr/local/snort-1.8.1-RELEASE/snortREL.conf &

and snortREL.conf has in it:

output alert_syslog: LOG_DAEMON LOG_ALERT
# output alert_full
output alert_full: /var/log/snort/alertREL.full

which is what I've been using since 1.7

Anyway, I didn't have to mess with the parser at all, other than figure 
out which file (/var/log/messages or /var/log/snort/alertREL.full) it 
would look at without puking..

I did specify the full path to the log file in dshield.cnf (which I 

I had some trouble puzzling out *where* the tmp file was determined to 
be, and finally fixed that by putting the full *path* in dshield.cnf as 
"tmp=/usr/local/dshield", and setting the file *name* in 
snort_18_syslog.pl as "$tmpfile=dshield.$$.tmp"

Try adding -d up at  #!/usr/bin/perl -s -w  to run in perl debug mode: 
you can pick up a lot of how it works, and step through it line by line 
and see where it doesn't work a lot easier...

- John

Peter Borner wrote:

> Johannes,
> Have you made any progress with this yet?
> Thanks,
> Peter
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>>I am attempting to get snort_18_syslog.pl to work. I am not sure which
>>log file to point the program at. Do I point it at my syslog file or
> my
>>snort alert file?
> I will spent some time over the next few days sorting out the various
> snort log formats. I will focus on 1.8 (as I use it myself, and it is
> now
> the prefered version) and see if I can come up with a parser that
> recognizes the various formats.
> Snort has a wide range of formats. I think we have parsers and scripts
> for
> most of them, but they are not always clearly labled...
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