[Dshield] Thanks

William W william.westrum at videotron.ca
Tue Oct 30 16:23:51 GMT 2001

Thanks everyone for your replies. It sure was very helpful.

> As for the number of probes, well I'm not from Canada, but with a
> name like Videotron I'm guessing that it's a cable company [snip]

That's right Keith. They're a cable-company in Quebec, Canada.

Videotron blames the increase of popularity for the problems.
(Not only the high number of probes/attacks, but also their network slows
down at peak hours)
More than 200,000 new subscribers in the past few months according to them.
Which is easy to believe if you know that we pay only C$30 (U$20) a month.
(Installation was free).

Anyway, I'm drifting of the subject. :)

Thanks again everyone.

William Westrum
william.westrum at videotron.ca

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