[Dshield] Port 4829

Vyas, Sudha suhda.vyas at nmci-isf.com
Tue Oct 30 22:36:48 GMT 2001

Thanks John. :)

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There doesn't seem to be anything commonly known...

iims            4800/tcp        #Icona Instant Messenging System
iims            4800/udp        #Icona Instant Messenging System
iwec            4801/tcp        #Icona Web Embedded Chat
iwec            4801/udp        #Icona Web Embedded Chat
ilss            4802/tcp        #Icona License System Server
ilss            4802/udp        #Icona License System Server
htcp            4827/tcp        #HTCP
htcp            4827/udp        #HTCP
varadero-0      4837/tcp        #Varadero-0
varadero-0      4837/udp        #Varadero-0
varadero-1      4838/tcp        #Varadero-1
varadero-1      4838/udp        #Varadero-1
varadero-2      4839/udp        #Varadero-2
phrelay         4868/tcp        #Photon Relay
phrelay         4868/udp        #Photon Relay
phrelaydbg      4869/tcp        #Photon Relay Debug
phrelaydbg      4869/udp        #Photon Relay Debug
abbs            4885/tcp        #ABBS
abbs            4885/udp        #ABBS
radmin          4899/tcp        #Remote Administrator default port
ICQTrogenLm     4950/tcp        #[trojan] ICQ Trogen (Lm)


- John

Vyas, Sudha wrote:

> Would anyone happen to know is port 4829 is associated to a Trojan?
> Lately we've been seeing a lot of high port sweeps on our network.
> looked at all the port websites you guys have been providing
> all your email and none mention what that port is used for.
> Any help will be deeply appreciated.
> v/r,
> Sudha :)
> sudha.vyas at nmci-isf.com

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