[Dshield] Decloaking for a question

Richard Tengdin tengdin at pacbell.net
Fri Aug 2 02:26:33 GMT 2002

I am a retired Apollo Domain sysadmin and firewall jockey (Altavista &
Checkpoint) who has been slaving as a Compaq/HP SAN engineer, and
trying to get back to my Unix(ish) roots.  I am in the process of
setting up a family web site and need some help selecting an OS for
the server.

At the risk of igniting a flamewar, my question: What is the easiest
free *nix platform (linux distro, freebsd, etc.) for a semi-technical
user to set up *securely* and run?

The server will be behind a SonicWall firewall and I plan on
restricting port access to the bare minimum (not even SSH, since the
box will be at home).  I have a home ADSL circuit but have a static
address, so PacBell's TOS allows me to run my own servers......
Sometimes being an early adopter is a *good* thing.

Thank you all in Advance for your assistance.  Now, if I can just find
my Nomex underwear...........

Richard Tengdin

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