[Dshield] Requester pop-ups

Peter Stendahl-Juvonen peter.stendahl-juvonen at welho.com
Fri Aug 2 18:06:32 GMT 2002

As in life in general, many things can be achieved by different and
alternative means. In this light - Have you ever thought about this?

On a sophisticated software firewall you may have features providing
Privacy Control.
1.	Cookie control
2.	Ad blocking
3.	Mobile code control 
1. Cookies - Controlling cookies can be done by category
	a)      "Persistent cookies"
	b)      Third-party cookies
	c)      Session cookies
2. Ad blocking
	a)      Choose what types of ads to block
	b)      Choose what to do with the screen space in which a
	          blocked ad was to be displayed 
A.     Ads to Block - Which specific types of advertisements you want to
         block or allow
                      i. If you choose to block banner ads and
	   skyscraper ads:
		a.       Always to have those ads blocked in all cases
		b.      Performance to have them blocked only when the
		         ads to not load within the amount of time
		         specified (from 1 to 99) seconds
B.     If you choose to block pop-up ads and pop-under ads, or animated
        ads, those advertisements are blocked in all cases, since they
do not
        affect the speed at which Web pages load
C.     Ad Void Control - When banner, skyscraper, or animated ad is
         blocked, it leaves a "void" or blank on your screen where the
ad was to
         be displayed. Ad void control lets you specify what will be
displayed in
         that space: 
	a.       Nothing
	b.      A box displaying the text [AD]
	c.       A box you can mouse over to get the ad to appear 
By default, the firewall displays a box with the words "blocked ad", so
that you are aware of what is happening.
3. Mobile Code Control - on or off
Ability to customize mobile code control settings:
	a.	Scripts
	b.	MIME-type integrated objects
	c.	Embedded objects
	d.	All (of the above)
Isn't it simple? Giving the End user means to powerful and flexible
control. But to call it a software firewall or not - that's the
after having it perform some or all those things for you. ;-)

-- Peter

  "There is a great satisfaction in building good tools
                    for other people to use."
    Freeman Dyson (b. 1923); British-born U.S. physicist, author.

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