[Dshield] Requester pop-ups

Peter Stendahl-Juvonen peter.stendahl-juvonen at welho.com
Sat Aug 3 15:12:58 GMT 2002

Keith [S.], et al.

Thanks for kind comment. It seems we share same sort of experiences with
privacy control software.

However, it would appear that a particular piece of software has evolved

in it's sophistication after you had the chance to glance an eye over
-Wouldn't it? ;-) 

1) The general privacy settings are applied to any sites you don't
customize privacy settings for. You don't have to customize settings for
each site to be protected.

2) But you also have the means to customize cookie control and mobile
code control settings for specific Web sites. 

a)	Setting options for a site can be done easily by opening the
	Site Options dialog box.
b)	Use the Cookies tab, Ad blocking tab, and Mobile Code tab to
	customize settings for the selected site.

3) You also have a Site list which displays sites you have visited in
your current session, and sites for which you have previously customized
settings. If you do not customize settings for a site you've visited, it
is dropped from the list when you shut down your computer or shut down
the software firewall. 

a)	You can either use this automatically created [session] list for
	Adding a site to the list
b)	Or you can manually add a site to the list. The Add dialog box

4) Whenever something is blocked from being displayed by privacy control
when you visit a site, you will see (in a refined signal) that the
control feature has affected the appearance of the site. At the same
you also have an immediate, trivial-to-use shortcut to re-trim
the settings if it would prove to be necessary.

-- Peter

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| > On a sophisticated software firewall you may have features
| > providing Privacy Control.
| >
| > 1.	Cookie control
| > 2.	Ad blocking
| > 3.	Mobile code control
| I note that you avoided mentioning ZA Pro's name there, well done.
| Seriously though, I have had very mixed success with privacy control
software, ZA Pro included.
| I have found that ad blocking and code control software never seems to
be intelligent enough and
| tends to get in the way of site function.  For example, my bank's
online services seem to be a triple
| whammy: session cookies, popups (login screens, calendars, etc.), and
code (date selectors, initial
| form validation, etc.)
| I hit enough of these types of sites that I tend to surf without
"privacy control" because it just gets
| in the way.
| The thing that is missing is context: "it is OK for this site to do
these things".  A solution that is
| similar to Netscape's approach to cookie control might be more
effective: where you state what is
| always unacceptable (e.g. 3rd party cookies) and prompt for site wide
cookie acceptance when
| you first visit a site, and that decision is then remembered.
| But then you are back to the problem of pestering the user with too
many questions...
| Regards,
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