[Dshield] Port 1214

Christopher Ness mness215 at attbi.com
Sat Aug 3 23:47:09 GMT 2002

> Assuming that you're not using any P2P apps then I'd guess that you are
> using DHCP to your ISP and that there are other people in your netblock
> that do use P2P.  After they have logged off (and you have picked up their
> old IP address) the other P2P clients they were talking to attempt to
> reconnect.

Bullseye - Yes I am using DHCP and I had turned everything off when I went on 
vacation - so that when I came back I got a new IP.  Well, as long as DShield 
doesn't get mad at me for submitting  about 150 lines of that a day, I guess 
its OK. The previous person with my IP must have been very popular.

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