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Paul paulclarke at clarkeworks.com
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In his Keynote address at the 1989 (I think) CA World conference, Charles
opened up with a story that went something like this;

"As I pulled into the CA Headquarters parking lot one morning recently, I
saw a group of our Customers arriving for one of our Training Seminars.  At
that same moment, a group of CA employees were crossing the parking lot
heading for work in one of our labs.  It made me feel good to see that, at
last, our employees were noticing our customers and waived at them as they
approached each other.  I think that by this time next year they will be
able to waive with more than one finger."

I was there.  He actually said that.

Are all big businesses stupid?

Well, in an interview by Esquire Magazine back in 1979, the (then) President
of Burroughs Corporation (for you "younger" IT people, they were a fairly
significant computer manufacturer) which was known for it's abysmal customer
support and client services, was quoted as saying; "We like to keep our
customers sullen but not rebellious."

'Nuff said.

Big business breeds big contempt for their customers.  (Clarke, '02)
You can't legislate against stupidity.  (Clarke, '86)


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>Computer Associates has been notorious since their mainframe software days
(I guess they still have that too) for their
>attitude towards their customers.  CA has probably sued more customers than
any other three companies.

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