[Dshield] file sharing honeyfile idea

Mark Rowlands mark.rowlands at minmail.net
Fri Aug 9 21:52:24 GMT 2002

On Thu August 8 2002 22:25, Johannes Ullrich wrote:
> Thanks for all the offers of help and to write a program!
> Too many to respond to everyone ;-). But I think it is ok
> to have a couple of them. To test different ideas about
> what people click on and such.
2 thoughts  (a record for me in one day)

1) most folks. I believe from my admistrative experience anyway, use 
filesharing networks for .mp* files. Is it possible to make a .mp* file that 
will execute and provide an interactive experience for the user? Dont most 
file sharing networks provide filtering such  that you can search by media 
type, which will exclude a non .mp* file  from being displayed when tou 
search for audio / video stuff?


I hate to be a boring sttatoe but..........

If this data is to have any use at all other than of minor conversational 
interest, you really need to find out how many people will not click on the 
link given a particular prompt.

This is difficult to do "legally/morally/ethically" (strike as appropriate). I 
can envisage an executable with an appropriate  name  depending on the target 
group that launches a window with a yes/no button and then sends a message to 
dshield...... but once you start distributing misleading files you are on a 
slippy  slope. It is possible to argue that by distributing a file that is 
misleading by virtue of it's description to its actual purpose and inducing a 
user to waste cpu cycles on it you are committing a fraud or possibly a 

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